Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein Röttgen Grosse Lage 2016 Mosel, Allemagne

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L'avis de Linda

Röttgen “An open window in the baroque town house enjoying your mocha without any disturbance  midday heat over the market an intoxicating dance in the fullness of a choral singing. “
” The famous location rises out of the water to to this incredible height in broken terraces which laen on mighty rocks. It is so steep that the hiker who is walking by, can’t understand how the single plots can be worked as they don’t seem to be connected with each other. It is the art alone which has overcome all the nature’s obstacles. “Johann P. Bronner, 1834
“It it is the epitome of exotic and tropic among white wines. It is the proof that not every body has to be tight and slim in order to have an erotic charisma.” Stuart Pigott
“… smoky fruit, linseed oil, smoky flint. Brilliant violece, endles. Aromas cascade, fine herbal accents. Salty finish. A Grand Canyon on the palate.” FAZ,Lange
“Expressive without being broad at all. Lush but not exhausting. Softness paired with demands. A lot of yellow fruit with a touch of nougat and coffee. Baro-que, even a kind of mannerism, very soft on the palate but enormously mineralic, long. ” P.Vech

What the press is saying about the 2016 vintage

“One of the “10 Best German Rieslings — taut and spicy, concentrated and dense” — 2016 Röttgen earns the top stop as a “powerful surprise from the terrace Mosel, with a gorgeous spiciness.” W.Faßbender, Neue Züricher Zeitung